Drum Style ATC CNC Router w.9kW Spindle Brand NEW Factory SALE,1300×2500mm Working Area in Hendrina, Mpumalanga for sale

Drum Style ATC CNC Router w.9kW Spindle Brand NEW
Drum Style ATC CNC Router w.9kW Spindle Brand NEW
Drum Style ATC CNC Router w.9kW Spindle Brand NEW
Drum Style ATC CNC Router w.9kW Spindle Brand NEW

PowerRoute 1300×2500mm 9kW Spindle CNC Router with Carousel ATC, 8 Tools, Vacuum Table Complete Set (NEW)SKU:R4-1325V/90 for sale R19871 /m. 36 month to pay, subject to finance approval, once off price R599999
079 072 0003
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High Density Wax Fabrication
Boat Manufacturing
Furniture Component Making
Three Dimensional Engraving
Aluminium Fabrication
Musical Instrument Carving
Dibond Fabrication
Architectural Mill-work
Exhibits and Fixtures
Acrylic Fabrication
Arts and Crafts
and More...
FREE Service Plan on 3 Month Service Interval
Resolution 0.001MM
Spindle with Cushion, Air Cool, 9kW, 24000 rpm
Automatic Center Lubricate System
Working Surface Envelope 1300×2500mm
1.6kW Servo Motor with Torque 6 Nm
Handheld CNC MPG
CNC Controller with built-in fast industry computer, LCD Screen, USB device support
Vacuum Table with 5.5kW Vacuum Pump, 5.5kW
ISO30(INT30) Taper Tool Holder
Dust Collector
Two Years Warrantee
Available Z Axis Height 280millimeter
Maximum Speed 80 meter/minute
Accuracy 0.05 MM / 10 M
Repeatability 0.05millimeter per 10 metres
& many more.....
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Selection of Transmission:
We use High Capacity, High-Speed Ball-Screw, High Precision Rack & Pinion System with Helical-Teeth
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