Vinyl Cutters Boast of Fantastic Features.Cut All Kinds Of Vinyls!Easy.32/64bit Compatibility in Hendrina, Mpumalanga for sale

Vinyl Cutters Boast of Fantastic Features.Cut All Kinds
Vinyl Cutters Boast of Fantastic Features.Cut All Kinds
Vinyl Cutters Boast of Fantastic Features.Cut All Kinds
Vinyl Cutters Boast of Fantastic Features.Cut All Kinds

V-Series Vinyl Cutter with 1130mm Working Area, plus FlexiSIGN Software (NEW) SKU:V-1133 → R7499
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We provide great support on our products include Free online assistance direct connect to your computer, free technicians and will not charge you labour for the lifetime of the machine you buy.
LCD display / 8 digit and 2 lines
Buffer capacity of 1MB
Stepper motors for better durability, efficiency and performance
Cutting Force of 10 to 500 g
Vinyl Cutting speed from 10 to 800 mm / second
Design to Cutting All Kinds of Vinyl
Our vinyl cutters can be used to cut many types of vinyl. Whether you like to cut Normal Self-Adhesive Vinyl, Fluorescent Vinyl, Reflecting Vinyl, T-Shirt Vinyl or Sandblasting Vinyl, it can cut it all.
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We are sure that our Vinyl Cutters will meet all your vinyl cutting needs. The best thing is that by purchasing our vinyl cutter you will be getting the real value for your money. It is the ultimate vinyl cutting machine you have been searching for so long. Whether you want these cutters for your business, office or for your sign making hobby, no doubt you will love its fast speed, convenience, precision, accuracy and easy to use.
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Easy to Use:
Our cutters are very user friendly. It works almost like Printer. You can use it at the click of a mouse.
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